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Ta Ta, Great Britain, at Least for a While

Our last day in Windsor was a tying up of loose ends sort of day, a good day for recovery from our weekend of exploring the Cornish Alps. A bit of desultory shopping, trying to decide if we had enough … Continue reading

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Cornwall’s End. Sniff.

Returning from our day of an at times bone chilling journey atop a double decker bus and tromping about Land’s End experiencing every kind of weather Britain had to offer, we returned to St. Ives tired and famished. Right at … Continue reading

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Land’s End – But Not Journey’s End Quite Yet

Saturday morning in St. Ives, and the weather was – English. From our window at Chy Conyn I noted the gray sky over the harbor, (please excuse this insertion of a “marine layer” assertion, but could it possibly be an … Continue reading

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All Body Parts Present and Accounted For

In July of 2012, during my solo trip to England, I had planned to spend my last day going on a ride in the Great Park in Windsor on horseback.  As readers may or may not know (see “Giving England … Continue reading

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…Then A Talk to the Driver

At the time Elizabeth R and I set forth on our hike northward from Big Ben, we assumed that getting to our restaurant in Islington would be our adventure for the day. We had no idea that getting back would … Continue reading

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First, a Walk to the Driver…..

Thursday dawned, but we could scarcely tell because it was, surprise surprise, raining again.  We felt just a little thwarted, because we had planned another leisurely trek through London’s parks and charming neighborhoods before meeting Ben and several of his … Continue reading

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Chugging From Churchill To Chaucer

We jump forward to Wednesday, Monday’s hike having limited Tuesday’s activities to recovery and another unsuccessful hunt for a waxed cap. Feeling our age more than our oats, we prudently decided that a large portion of our travel on this … Continue reading

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The Great Walk in the Great Park

It is Monday. We had been dribbled upon at the opening of the Coronation Arch, and had our appreciation of Churchill’s grand gardens at Chartwell somewhat dampened and abbreviated by drizzle. Still, it’s England, and only to be expected. Had … Continue reading

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Royalty and the Book of Mormon – Be There Here a Crisis Formin?

Conflict! So early in our trip – what to do? Ben was treating us to a West End matinee of The Book of Mormon on this drizzly Saturday, and we planned to meet him and his friend Jen for lunch … Continue reading

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The Door To Frogmore Was Forbidden On Friday

Queen Victoria:  “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.” Reality set in on Friday. Our fifteen day trip to England had started out rolling along smoothly … well, okay, “fairly” smoothly … but now … Continue reading

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