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CrossFit for the Elderly: The Open, 14.1

I’ve been creaking through a year and a half of CrossFit now, sore and happy and hopefully a good deal more fit.  I participated in last year’s CrossFit Games Open and survived (just) so when the time to register for … Continue reading

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A Catalyst for Change, A Conclusion (sort of)

Washington Allston:  “The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself.” Sunny! That one word describes it all: the weather, the welcoming attitude of the organizers, the disposition of the volunteers, and above all, the outlook of 99% … Continue reading

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A Catalyst for Change via The Catalyst Games, Part 2

Leave it to a teacher and bibliophile to ruin enhance a perfectly good title by getting all technical about the words in said title. Catalyst is a really cool word that can mean an agent for change, as in let’s … Continue reading

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Crossing over into CrossFit

So, how did it begin, this new, and for me, highly uncharacteristic endeavor? Ol’ P, oops – Pa Kettlebell, that is, has always been fit and an avid exerciser. He’s always been a runner and doer of other arcane sweat … Continue reading

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