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Q: How is a dyslexic, insomniac CrossFitter like an insomniac NY stock trader? A: They both lie awake at night worrying about the DOW.  …

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The Door To Frogmore Was Forbidden On Friday

Queen Victoria:  “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.” Reality set in on Friday. Our fifteen day trip to England had started out rolling along smoothly … well, okay, “fairly” smoothly … but now … Continue reading

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We are Team New Zealand

Elizabeth R and I just returned from two delightful weeks in the UK (much more on that much later), most of which was spent in the B&B of two transplanted Kiwis. So, even though we are kayakers and not sailors, … Continue reading

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One of the nice/annoying (you chose the word) aspects of blogging is that the writer can offer an opinion on a subject about which he knows absolutely nothing. (I used the masculine pronoun intentionally because we all know that women … Continue reading

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The Aestivation Explanation

There hasn’t been a heat wave of this duration for 140 years! – Channel 13 News The temperature’s appalling, The dew point’s just as bad; The date is only mid July – I think I’m going mad.

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