"Hey!" ... "What?" ... "What Did You Say?"

Q: How is a dyslexic, insomniac CrossFitter like an insomniac NY stock trader?

A: They both lie awake at night worrying about the DOW.


Most people are familiar with the term “dyslexia,” – a term describing a person’s difficulty in learning to read. Those of us in the Ed Biz are also aware of the less common terms ”dyscalculia” and “dysgraphia,” descriptors of conditions making learning math and writing problematic.

I have recently discovered invented a new “dys” term which I shall call “dyscrossfitia.” It describes a condition in which mastering surviving CrossFit, always a challenging and demanding proposition to begin with, leads to a decided uptick in a person’s (i.e. – me) anxiety level prior to and sometimes during a session.

Nervous CFUWhat will the WOD be today? Can I do all of it? Can I do any of it? Can I survive?

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About Elizabeth R

I have retired from being a mom of 2 little boys (though never from being their mom) and a teacher of multitudes of little people. Now I have lots of time (but somehow, not enough - why is that?) to shamelessly wallow in my previously underutilized passions - reading, writing, and Anglophilia. And somehow, a new interest has insidiously crept in - Crossfit. Crossfit is a wonderfully all-encompassing system of physical fitness allowing me to blame all my numerous aches and pains on it rather than old age. I like it very much, but then I have always been a little odd.
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